Perdita Weeks

Perdita is the younger sister of Honeysuckle Weeks - notice the family resemblance! Do we have the makings of an acting dynasty?

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Perdita Weeks was born on December 25, 1985, making her currently 17. In The Winter's Tale by William Shakespeare, Perdita is the daughter of the King of Sicilia. Perhaps this is where her name comes from?

Screened 10th January, Perdita follows her older sister and stars in an episode of this popular detective series.

Stig Of The Dump - TV Series and Film, 2002
Shown both as a six part series and a full length feature, Perdita starred in this childrens show.

Spiceworld - Film, 1997
Perdita plays "Evie".

Rag Nymph - TV Series, 1997
aka "Catherine Cookson's The Rag Nymph". See here for more info. Perdita plays "Young Millie", while her older sister Honeysuckle plays the older "Millie".

Robert Rylands' Last Journey - Film, 1996
Perdita plays "Sue". More info here.

Hamlet - Film, 1996
Perdita is credited as "Second Player". This is the film directed by Kenneth Branagh.

Loving - Film, 1995
Perdita's character is "Moira".

The Cold Light of Day - Film, 1994
Perdita plays "Anna Tatour" in this modern remake of an 1958 German film. There are many captures from this film on Child Starlets, and most of the images on this page are from there.

Goggle Eyes - 1992 or 93
Both Honeysuckle and Perdita are thought to have acted in this programme.

Ghosthour - Childrens TV programme? Date unknown
Perdita's character was "Dottie".

Two Together - Radio, Date unknown
Broadcast on BBC Radio 4.

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